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Field Guide to Ambiguity

Field Guide to Ambiguity


This book, Hannah Burr's fifth and newest art project came out in January 2024. It's finally here!

Field Guide to Ambiguity is a book for learning to feel situated when you don’t know where you are. It’s a way to pause and orient when you are in life’s washing machine, without claiming to have your answers for you. It’s part journaling tool, part oracle and part artists' book, full of open-ended questions to help you relate freshly to what’s immediately around you.

Burr pairs the structure of a scientific field guide with dynamic reflection and artwork to explore our human relationship to uncertainty—from earth-shaking life events to the intimate, daily mystery of opening your eyes in the morning.

“It’s a tender situation, this openness, and you’re it.”

“In the end, you yourself are ambiguity’s only bearings. You are the orienting principle of any given situation.“

Burr’s books are like references to the unknown. They are a beautiful meld of visual art, poetry, prayer and science.

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