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Elements E Book

Elements E Book


The official E-book for "Elements: a love letter to all things everywhere" which is in epub format. The layout is full page spreads with vibrant color and full back and flaps included. Epub is a digital book format compatible with many smartphone and e reader devices as well as Apple iBook for iPad and iPhone, Kobo Reader, Google Play Books for Android, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire, and many others. It contains over 200 images and is a 53MB file. The Elements book is also available in this shop as a PDF version, which is a 19 MB file.

An artist's book about the elements of the periodic table and our inseparability from everything. This book is full of practical and accessible knowledge, shared clearly, playfully and simply. You will find out where exactly each element can be found in your body, the objects around you, and in the vast processes of space. There is an excellent index, over 100 color sketches, and over 200 individual artworks by Hannah Burr accompanying this carefully researched art and reference book wonderful for all ages including middle to high-schoolers, mystics, designers, art enthusiasts, and color savorers.

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