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Attendant Home Kit

Attendant Home Kit


The Attendant Home Kit is a dynamic form of meditation, more game-like than most, using wooden blocks and the Attendant Home Kit manual. It’s simple and flexible to use. Using this kit reaquaints you with fundamental presence: the basic kind of being that gets crowded out by the many things that tug at each us in our complex lives.

This kit came out of a public art project by artist Hannah Burr.

The Attendant Kit includes

50 or more unique, repurposed, found and sanded wooden blocks, artifacts from Hannah's Attendant projects and exhibits
A fair-trade, hand-sewn cotton storage tote
The Attendant Kit booklet with nine different ways to use the blocks, written and handmade by the artist.

The concept is easy to get. Place a block for each time you hear, see, or notice a specific thing, for example the sound of a child’s voice, or the sight of a bird in your yard.

This project originally took place in art galleries, libraries, and museums, where various types of attendants at their posts placed a block for some personal instance of noticing a chosen, repeating thing like a feeling or a sound. Hannah was interested in exploring a playful and collaborative way ‘what’s happening’ and how each of us may experience something very different at the same time and place. As a public art project, Attendant was a way of making visible what we often overlook or only experience internally.

This Kit brings the project home to you and is flexible in how you can use it. This Kit is a way for you to connect brightly and dynamically with yourself, the world around you, and perhaps others.


If you would like a specific cover color for the manual, please specify this when you make the purchase in a note, selecting from the colors shown in one of the photos included here. We'll do our best to give you that color, unless we've run out.

Each set of blocks is unique, and contains a surprise handful of colored blocks, varieties of wood, square or rectangular shapes.

The Guide is 24 pages long, 5.5 x 4.25", and the tote is 8 x 8 x 5" made from organic cotton, and the blocks are each unique, ranging from 1" to 4" in width, found, made, some with color, many plain wood.


We've only made a few totes, so we'll run this Kit as long as we have them in stock!


To learn more about this art project, visit https://www.hannahburr.com/attendant.html

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