ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!

  • ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!
  • ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!
  • ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!
  • ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!
  • ELEMENTS Curriculum + E-BOOK Bundle!

Get a great deal on the book in epub format and the curriculum for one household or classroom when you purchase them together. You will receive the 68 page curriculum pack with 11 Lessons to grow with your learner, and the 428 page vibrant colorful Elements: a love letter to all things everywhere book which is just about 10% less than you'd pay for the 2 products alone.

Book Description: An artist's book about the elements of the periodic table and our inseparability from everything. This book is full of practical and accessible knowledge, shared clearly, playfully and simply. You will find out where exactly each element can be found in your body, the objects around you, and in the vast processes of space. There is an excellent index, over 100 color sketches, and over 200 individual artworks by Hannah Burr accompanying this carefully researched art and reference book wonderful for all ages including middle to high-schoolers, mystics, designers, art enthusiasts, and color savorers.

Curriculum Description:
A trove of activity and inter-disciplinary learning that engages all ages of learner, many different learning styles, and both sides of the brain. It can be used in a school classroom or at home, for home-schooling or just for fun. You, the educator, need no prior knowledge of the elements to teach with this curriculum, which is designed to be informative and entertaining for you as well. Topics engaged through this book include Art, Design, Introduction to Chemistry, the Periodic Table of Elements, Writing and Reading Comprehension, Parts of Speech, Presentation Skills, Research Skills, Observation Skills, Creative Writing and more!

This 68 page PDF-format curriculum accompanies your 'Elements: a love letter to all things everywhere' book or E-book and includes:

11 Formal Lesson Plans with more than 20 Variations to suit your learner and unique circumstances
In-class Activities and Discussion Guides
Homework Assignments
Instructions Sheets
Project Report Guidelines
Rainy Day Activities
Art Projects
Discussion Points and Powerful Questions
Time Estimates
Additional Resources for going deeper
One on one activities for age 2 learners and up
Table of Contents

The Elements: a love letter to all things everywhere is truly about the world around us, the stuff we live with, ourselves, and our universe. This book and curriculum together make a fantastic jumping off point for many subjects and kinds of minds.

This curriculum is developed by the book’s author, artist Hannah Burr, whose educational philosophy strongly favors open-ended inquiry and powerful questions, using the collective knowledge of the group, and learning by doing. She values finding the right question and for the educator to model the ‘I don’t know, let’s find out!’ attitude. She has included questions and key points to prompt lively discussions.